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Dynamic web programming with PHP & MySQL

4 days

(This course is also available in Swedish)

You will learn how to create dynamic web sites - from accessing form data, processing it and interact with a database system. The course is held in English.

Course dates
Contact us for information about course dates and options.

The course is targeted at programmers and webmasters working in small to mid-size companies that would like to develop skills in making database driven web sites.

Course targets
After the course you should be able to create your own PHP scripts and tailor already made OpenSource-scripts.

Basic knowledge of HTML.
Prior experience of programming is benificial, but not a requirement.

Terms and conditions
Please review our terms and conditions for general information about our courses.

Further information
Please contact us at for further information. You can also use our form.

Course programme


  • The FORM-tag
  • Form elements
  • Connection between form and PHP script
  • How data is sent

The PHP language

  • Variables & arrays
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • if..else clauses & loops
  • String handling
  • Regular expressions
  • File handling
  • Sessions
  • Sending mail


  • Introduction to database concepts
  • Why create a database driven web site?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Commands in SQL
  • MySQL - a database system
  • How MySQL is used together with PHP

Open Source

  • What is Open Source?
  • Where can ready-made PHP-scripts be found.

Practice work

  • Create a small database driven web application




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